Sunday, June 17, 2012

What a beautiful day here on 4th Ave. My little family went out to Madora for the weekend. If you have never heard of Madora it is a beautiful place to see. Normally we would have gone on trail rides but with a little 2 month old I didn't feel quilt right putting him on a horse yet. The musical that they hold every night was amazing and the special entertainment was Skater Nation. Awesome! Best way to explain them would be break dancing on rollerskates!

Little man did amazing for his first time in a camper, although Shorty had him so bundled up when I got up to feed him he was sweating. Better to warm then to cold though!

We've got a big day here tomorrow with Little Mans 2 month shots. I can't believe that he's already that old! I believed people when they said that time would go by fast but I didn't think it would go by this fast! I'm a little worried about him getting sick after. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do if he gets fussy after the shots?

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