Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thad is 6 weeks old already! Here is him and I getting ready for our appointments. He does so well in the car. I have to wake him up for him to eat! When you live an hour away from a Walmart or Target it's nice to know that your little guy will behave long enough for you to get a days worth of shopping in! 

Here is what I'm working on now. There's 9 jeans there but I had to add another one for a total of 10.
It will soon be a Quilt, but not just a run of the mill denim square quilt, a Lattice quilt. 

I've made my share of denim square quilts and there is nothing wrong with them, but after a while you just get a little board with them. I like to make fun designs out of them and when people look at them they are shocked that it's all out of old jeans. Nothing bought by the yard here (at least not in denim)

Here are a couple that I've done in the past that are all denim, yes even the white!

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