Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2 Months

My Little man turned 2 yesterday! We had his 2 month shots on Monday and I have to say I didn't even cry! GO Me! Little Man did cry a little bit but was such a champ! I was a little worried that he would have had a fever or fussy but NO he's perfect these last few days!

Shorty had a co-worker have a little baby girl and asked what we had for a gift for them. Well living an hour away from a Target it's not like I can just run down and get something so I had to whip up a quilt real quick. One of my favorite baby quilt pattern I got from Oh Fransson. It just goes together nice and easy and real quick.  You can find it here. She has a ton of cute quilt patterns, some free some for sale. Go check her out!

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