Sunday, August 2, 2015


Oh how I love going on a vacation, the van is packed to the top with things we may need, a weeks worth of food prep so I don't have to cook when I get there and then we go out to eat half the time anyway, and listening to the same movie over and over in the drive. But honestly how can you pass up a few nights of this view? 
This makes a 5 and a half hour drive worth it! 

This time around Shirty and I even got a some time with out the kids. They were lucky enough to stay here with their grandparents and him and I drove a little farther and went to see the Twins play! I grew up going to at least one game a year and it was so nice to take Shorty to a game in the new stadium. It didn't hurt that the Twins win too!! I made sure to post we were there cause I swear there is always someone posting they are at the twins game, low and behold my cousin said they were there too so I was able to see them as well!!❤️❤️

He had to experience all it had to offer! 

Sometimes as parents you want your kids to experience everything but sometimes you need to remember as a couple you need your time too.  This was only the second time I've left Joce alone over night since she was born and she is a year and a half now, a night away was needed. 

This was just the beginning, we also went to a street dance concert with my brother and his girlfriend, so much fun!! 

After this a fun weekend of family and friends at the cabin and to finish the weekend off my state softball tourney that we are headed to now. 

Moral of this post: a vacation doesn't always mean getting away from it all but enjoying it all everywhere you go 😊

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