Sunday, May 10, 2015


Happy Mother's day! I am so very blessed with 2 amazing kids a mother who loves me for all of my faults and an incredable mother-in-law (not to many people can say that). This weekend had been great. Yesterday we meet up with my parents for lunch a little bit of shopping and with Thad that's a lot right there. He won not one but TWO stuffed animals in one of those quarter crane machines. I have never seen that boy so proud of this winnings. He ran down the halls of Walmart looking for us (he was with his Grandma) so he could show them off. On the car ride home Jocelyn was getting fussy and Thad handed her his fox that he won so she would be happy. What a great older brother he is turning out to be!

Today there was a small children's carnival to support one of the local daycares in town. There was small games and face painting and a bouncy house. I thought Thad would just love the bouncy house like he has in the past but today it just wasn't happening. 

We were able to go to the farm tonight and have a nice meal with Travis's parents and sit down and watch a movie with them, something we never stop and take the time to do. It was a nice calm day. I even got a little sewing in. 

To cap the evening off I just want to say, Happy Mothers day one more time to all the amazing women out there who work so hard to be able to give their children everything, to the moms who sacrifice themselves to stay at home to take care of their kids, do the single moms just doing their best and to the dads who are doing it alone. And to the women who would give anything just to have a screening kid in their arms to call their own, I am sorry. I remind myself when I've had it up to here with Thad's running and tantrums or Jocelyn's playing in the toilet that I am blessed and a number of women would trade places with me. 

Till tomorrow, Good night. 

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